Shyla Blue and Olive Star Stewart

Shyla Blue and Olive Star Stewart


Jordon School of Dance & Performing Arts

MEET SHYLA & OLIVE: Shyla started dance at Jordon Dance when she was 3 years old, we had recently moved back to the UK from Hong Kong so were looking to find the girls a little hobby to make some new friends, little did we know that it would become such a HUGE part of our lives! Olive snuck into class with Shyla when she was only 2 years old and has been there ever since! The just 9 & 8 years old the girls are now both DWC World Champions, Starpower International Title Winners & TDCI Champions.

They were both scouted for series one of the BBC’s ‘The Greatest Dancer’ but unfortunately Olive was too young to appear on the show so at just 7 years old Shyla was asked to go on the show as a soloist, her audition video now has more than 6 million views on YouTube! 

WHAT'S IN YOUR DANCE BAG: ballet shoes, tap shoes, turn shoes, yoga blocks, resistance bands and snacks! 

FAVE ACRO MOVE: Olive loves Aerials and handsprings whilst Shyla loves anything super bendy!

WHO IS YOUR HERO: The girls both always answer this question with “Daddy!”. Elliot is a full time Judo player, training for the Paralympic Games. Shyla & Olive both really look to him as he trains really hard & is dedicated to his sport. He always tells them to work hard and do what they love! 

ON MY REST DAY: We all enjoy spending time outdoors with our pet dog, lots of long family walks. Olive enjoys reading and Shyla loves to draw & paint. 


1. Boyfriend - Mabel

2. Say So - Doja

3. CatBad guy - Billie Eilish

4. Dance Monkey - Tones & I

5. Savage Love - Jason Darulo