Jelli Studios

MEET RUBY: Hi I’m Ruby, I’m 16 years old from Cheshire and I train at Jelli studios in Liverpool. I absolutely love training at Jelli, they are the most supportive school with the most amazing teachers who give us so much support and freedom. It’s a safe and my happy place. 
I started dance classes when I was 7 when I got into moorland ballet academy associates in Lancashire.
 I also did amateur dramatics with a group called five towns theatre group in Stoke on Trent where I had the lead role of Molly in the Annie musical, then I did Scrooge and Bugsy Malone. 
I got into Elmhurst ballet associates when I was 8 in Manchester every week.   
I’ve had the honour of representing team England in the Dance World Cup since 2016 until 2022. I became multiple world champion in 2018 alongside many silver and bronze medals every year.
At age 11 I was awarded a scholarship at Elmhurst ballet school full time in Birmingham, I studied and boarded there for 2 years. 
I have assisted Jess Jones many times at her acro workshops  and my time with ACROPAD started in 2018 when I was invited to take part in their video and Photoshoot for their launch and I performed on the Move IT MainStage with them in 2019 and done lots of workshops etc with them.  I’m really excited to become an athlete for ACROPAD and I’m really grateful to Dan and the team for this opportunity.

WHAT'S IN YOUR DANCE BAG: Lots of dance wear sets and leotards.  Pointe shoes and tights.  Deodorant And perfume.   Hair stuff.  AirPods.  Snacks and water. 

FAVE ACRO MOVE: Cartwheel back handspring step out. It’s so much fun and quite easy.

WHO IS YOUR HERO: My mum is my hero.  She takes me all over the country to let me take part in so many opportunities like classes , workshops and photoshoots, she has taken me to jersey, Germany, Barcelona, Portugal and San Sebastián to represent team England.  She is kind and funny, strong and does so much for me. I’m so grateful for her.
I also have so much love for Serena McCall. She has inspired me since I’ve known her when I was 9.  She has helped me so much and she works really really hard.  She is a beautiful person and super talented I hope I can be like her one day. 

ON MY REST DAY: On my rest days I like to sleep, stretch, watch Netflix , go shopping , catch up friends and spend time with my 3 dogs.


  • FRI - SUN
    10TH - 12TH MAR

    MOVE IT 2023