Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill


Jordon School or Dance and Performing Arts

MEET HANNAH: I started dance at 4 years old, and have been at Jordon School of Dance and Performing Arts ever since. It’s my second home and we are such a close dance family - together we have achieved so many things. My personal biggest achievements are becoming world champions for the first time in New York at the Dance World Championships, becoming British Junior modern Champion and of course becoming an AcroPAD Athlete!

WHAT'S IN YOUR DANCE BAG: My dance bag is always full! All of the usual things pointe shoes, turn shoes, stretch band - always loads of snacks! I spend so much time at dance I usually take my homework to do in our break times which is a bonus and we can always help each other if we’re stuck!

FAVE ACRO MOVE: My favourite acro move is a Side Ariel, I thinks it’s such a versatile move and can work in lots of different styles of dance.

WHO IS YOUR HERO: A person I have looked up to is Simone Biles - even though she’s not a dancer I’ve always loved how dedicated she is to her sport and how she always pushes herself to achieve more. She doesn’t seem to be bothered with what the press or others say or think she always comes across as focused and true to herself.

ON MY REST DAY: On rest days I tend to just chill with my family, make TikToks with my little sister and play games on the switch with my little brother. I love going shopping and out to eat all together.




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    11TH - 13TH MAR

    MOVE IT 2022