Hertford Gymnastics Academy

MEET ELOISE : My name is Ella and my Mum took me to my first ballet class when I was 18 months old! I'm now part of my dance schools competitive dance troupe which meant that last year I travelled to DisneyLand Paris to perform on the main theatrical stage in front of thousands of people!  2 years ago I thought I'd try a holiday gymnastics camp and was blown away when they offered me a squad position. I suddenly discovered a passion for Tumbling and progressed from Club 1 to NDP2 really quickly. I have won a medal at every Regional Competition I have competed in and my aim is to compete at the English and British Tumbling Championships next year. Recently I have also joined a competitive cheerleading squad as a flyer. Its a little scary as I am by far the youngest on the team, but its great getting to make new friends of all ages.

WHAT'S IN YOUR DANCE BAG: I have a back pack I take to all my training and I keep a secret stash of sweets in there to keep me motivated :) 

FAVE ACRO MOVE: my all time favourite move will always be an aerial cartwheel as it was the first Acro move I learnt and I worked SO hard to get it! I'm also constantly inspired to try new moves and tricks that I see my instagram friends doing and they keep me motivated when I find something hard to learn.

WHO IS YOUR HERO: I do not really have an idol or someone famous etc that I look up to. I am more focused on real people. For example we have a 14 year old in my tumble squad who is amazing and has been to the English and British championships. I use her as a bench mark and constantly try to learn new moves to keep up! 

ON MY REST DAY: when I'm not training I love to go rock climbing! I definitely don't have a fear of heights!  


1. Jason Derulo - Take You Dancing

2. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

3. Little Mix - Power (Official Video) ft. Stormzy

4. Dwayne Johnson - You’re Welcome (Moana)

5. Idina Menzel - Into The Unknown



  • FRI - SUN
    11TH - 13TH MAR

    MOVE IT 2022