Ellie Bancroft

Ellie Bancroft


Nadine’s Dance Company

MEET ELLIE: I started dancing at the age of 2 and have had a love for Acro from an early age. My biggest achievement so far is becoming Acro duet World Champion in 2019. I’ve won a number of titles but hearing the national anthem playing during the medal ceremony made me feel so proud! 

WHAT'S IN YOUR DANCE BAG: You will always find deodorants and sprays in my dance bag along with stretch bands, weights and a number different dance shoes.

FAVE ACRO MOVE: My favourite acro move is a round off flick layout.

WHO IS YOUR HERO: Briar Nolet is my biggest inspiration, she is so powerful yet when dancing she makes it look so graceful!

ON MY REST DAY: I don’t tend to have a rest day, I just love getting my Acropad out and experimenting with new tricks but I do also love to relax by watching movies and eating chocolate! A new hobby I’ve just recently got involved with is cheerleading. It’s great fun and I get to incorporate my acro skills within this new experience.


1. She used to be mine - Waitress

2. Reflection - Mulan 2020

3. Show yourself - Hamilton

4. Mega mix - Get on your feet

5. Stronger - & Juliet