Moghimian Arts School of Performance

MEET BELLA: My Name Is Bella and I am 11 years old. I started gymnastics when I was just 2 years old. After a few years I was moved into Elite gymnastics where I trained 6 times a week. I loved it, but my passion for dancing grew and I loved combining dance with gymnastics. I soon moved on at the age of 8 and started competing in dance, winning many titles, a scholarship to a ballet school and dancing in the Dance World Cup. I was honoured to lead my country out during the opening ceremony as a mascot.

WHAT'S IN YOUR DANCE BAG: In my dance bag I always keep my stretch band, blocks for stretching, pointe shoes, plasters, a big bottle of water and a sugary snack to keep up my energy.

FAVE ACRO MOVE: My favourite Acro Move has to be back flips. I love being in the air and how powerful it makes me feel.

WHO IS YOUR HERO: I have so many people I look up to. Dancers, gymnasts, family and more. My hero is Darcy (my dance teacher) I wouldn’t have had half the experiences if it wasn’t for her. I’m forever thankful.

ON MY REST DAY: On my days off, I love to spend time with my friends and family. Clothes shopping is an added bonus. I love listening to music and throwing in a little TikTok here and there.


1. The Good Men - Give It Up

2. Ariana Grande - Sweetner

3. Cold Play - Sky Full Of Stars

4. Grayson Matthews - Easy Money

5. Jocelyn Alice - Jackpot (the him remix)