AcroPAD Athlete In LockdownHow to train hard on your airtrack and land tricks in your living room!

We interviewed our AcroPAD Athletes across the UK to find out why they love using AcroPAD's own airtracks at home. We wanted to know the best daily lockdown acro routines using  air track tumbling mats for cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers and anyone who loves acro!

Learn about how our gymnastic air mats can help you keep motivation levels high and why AcroPAD's very own home airtrack should be your newest home feature . See how our athletes responded and check out photos in action!

What are your favourite airtrack tricks to practice at home and why?

My favourite is an Onodi because the Acro pad helps me to gain height and has a softer landing.~ Emily
My favourite tricks to practise on the AcroPAD is more static skills such as back tucks and aerials. This is due to space and not having lots of room for longer combinations.~ Lucie
My favourite trick to practice at home is a front aerial, it's a difficult trick but looks really good when done properly~ Daniel
I enjoy practising tinsicas and ariels and flicks. The air track allows me to feel safe and also gives me a good spring to get into my tricks.~ Maddison
Favourite tricks are standing back tucks as they come at the end of a lot of tumbling runs and don't want to forget how to do them!~ Eloise

Do you adapt tricks on your air track mat to practice at home? If so, how?

No, I was able to practice as usual.~ Daniel
I’m very lucky to have quite a big space at home so I don't have to adapt any of my tricks.~ Maddison
I am not able to do all of my tricks inside because of the ceiling height but it is great outside !!!~ Emily
Being a power tumbler in Lockdown is hard as really all I want is 15meters of sprung track!! So as I can't connect skills I play around with acro combinations going from one end of my 3m mat to the other.~ Eloise

Daily practice routine using AcroPAD's home airtracks?

My daily practice is after school every evening I participate in my acro classes and use the AcroPAD or practise in my free time before my dance classes on it. ~ Lucie
I wake up, do some acro, some school work and then more acro! ~ Daniel
I work on my core strength using the acro pad for planks and sit ups etc.. ~Maddison
I usually stretch on my AcroPAD in the morning and then do some compound exercises as well as some cardio, later on I do some acro tricks and jumps ~ Emily
I use it for my gymnastics zooms which I have most days and are around 2 hours. It helps recreate the sprung floor of the gym! ~ Eloise

Favourite place to practice at home using the AcroPAD air track products?

My favourite place to practise using it is in my summerhouse room as the air track fits perfectly and I feel like I have enough room to practise safely. ~Lucie
In the lounge. ~Daniel
In my dance studio ~Maddison
In the garden ~Emily
My favourite place to practice is outside!! But when the weather is bad I love to be in the lounge so my mum can sit on the sofa and watch with a cup of coffee!!! ~Eloise

How does using your AcroPAD air floor make you feel during lockdown?

I really enjoy using the AcroPAD because you just feel really safe and it gets you over that fear of trying new skills for the first time. I also really enjoy using it for my conditioning classes because it makes them more fun and gives me motivation knowing I can use it during any class. ~ Lucie
I can do tricks easier with the AcroPAD and it makes me feel safe doing them at home.~Daniel
It makes me want to try new tricks and gives me the confidence to have a go. ~Maddison
It gives me something to look forward to as well as giving me confidence in my tricks. I have so much fun using it. ~Emily
Having an AcroPAD when in lockdown is amazing as you can still bounce around and have fun training! ~Eloise

How does it make you feel knowing you could practice on your airtrack at home?

Knowing I can practise at home makes me very relieved as I still want to improve and keep up my skill set even if we are in lockdown. It allows me to still practise and not lose any of my tricks I’d previously learnt in the studio. ~Lucie
It’s great having AcroPAD equipment at home and gives me the freedom to go and use it whenever I have spare time. ~Maddison
I've always done tricks at home but it’s more fun having an AcroPAD to use! ~Daniel
I feel happy because I love acro and have missed doing it as much in lockdown. ~Emily
Being able to practice at home is great as I love flipping and my house has hardwood floor! ~Eloise

What advice would you give to other people struggling to practice gymnastic, dance, cheerleading or acro tricks during lockdown? Would you recommend buying AcroPAD air track mats for home practice?

My advice I would give to others is that lockdown is not forever and I think it’s a really good time to improve on our weaknesses so we come out stronger. By having the AcroPAD it allows you to feel motivated to go and practise and is a great addition to have when participating in many different classes as it can be used for lots of things not to mention it’s great fun! ~Lucie
Go for it! ~Daniel
Think of it as an investment and something you will own forever. It gives you the opportunity to work on things whenever you can plus it’s easily transportable. You will not regret buying one.~Maddison
I think that it would be a great investment to have an AcroPAD at home, it’s given me so much more confidence in new and existing skills, I’ve also used my acro pad to improve my jumps and flexibility. ~Emily
Having an AcroPAD is not just a great idea during lockdown! Being able to practice away from the gym is crucial to your progression. It means you can fit in 1 minute or 1 hour of practice whenever you can. ~Eloise

In which ways have you improved overall since practicing with AcroPAD home airtracks?

I improved mainly my conditioning as I was able to use the AcroPAD during these classes to gain more power and height which then really helped when it came to learning new skills. ~Lucie
Having the confidence helped me improve on my skills. ~Maddison
I was able to practice skills on my least dominant leg ~Emily
Because I am so excited to have it I use it lots! I have learnt a few very cool acro tricks and also used it to perform my Range for my clubs virtual club competition. Best thing was I got silver in the age above category! ~Eloise

We are so thankful for the wonderful feedback from our Athletes. We want  AcroPAD airtracks to help and support anyone struggling to keep up training during lockdown.

Whether you are looking for an inflatable gymnastics mat, you are dancer, cheerleader, parkour athlete or just love acro, we have the home airtrack or tumble track made for you!

We would love to know more about your personal experiences using AcroPAD at home.
What are your go to airtrack tricks to practice? How has AcroPAD helped you during Lockdown? Let us know in the comments below!